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Surviving 2020 and into the “New Normal” with Relational Analytics

People Analytics has played a fundamental role in helping companies not only mitigate the immediate Covid impact on organisations and employees but also in helping companies plan and adapt for a future where remote/ hybrid operating models are not the exception, but the norm;— “The New Normal”.

Driving Business Performance with Relational Analytics

ONA can help drive improved business outcomes, such as customer-centric agile transformations, driving sales and operational efficiency, accelerating change initiatives, accelerating post-merger integration etc.

How Connected is Your Remote Organization?

Leveraging Organizational Network Analysis to understand how your team works remotely can help you empower your company to be more effective in making the transition to working remotely or in hybrid arrangements through the pandemic.

Diversity and Inclusion Starts with Identifying and Removing Biases

Companies need to shift from the concept of quotas/ preferential selection for people from diverse backgrounds and instead focus on identifying and removing biases in all their people decisions across the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to promotion to termination decisions.