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Diversity and Inclusion Starts with Identifying and Removing Biases

Companies need to shift from the concept of quotas/ preferential selection for people from diverse backgrounds and instead focus on identifying and removing biases in all their people decisions across the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to promotion to termination decisions.

You Don’t Have to Be Scared of People Analytics: A Data Scientist Breaks It Down

It can be intimidating, however, for those in the management who want to be more involved in understanding their workforce, yet do not have the expertise to delve into this scary realm of ‘analytics’. At the end of the day, data-driven HR analytics is a new trend, and it takes time to learn and get used to it. We have shared 7 steps and a few other tips to guide you to a successful people analytics project.

Corporate Culture: Are You Optimising Your Pulse Surveys?

The competition for top talent, coupled with an increasingly mobile workforce, has made it very important for organisations to listen to their employee’s feedback and address areas of concern; otherwise, they risk an unhappy workplace, or worse, lose talent.

Redefining Employee Experience through People Analytics

Data provides key insights and can help to detect talent, predict turnover, determine culture fit before hiring someone, and suggest what you can improve to retain them. More globally, it helps to understand who your employees are, what they do, and what they want.

Panalyt — Connecting Data Across Your HR Tech Stack

Building an effective people analytics suite for your organization is just like building the organization itself, you really need to be sure that all the cogs in the wheel work well in cohesion in addition to having the best tools for your needs in each silo.