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Relational Analytics

Panalyt empowers you to drive Remote Employee Productivity, Innovation and Wellness by providing actionable employee insights across your integrated people, productivity and digital collaboration data.

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Visualize How Individuals and Teams Build Relationships within and outside the organization

Identify Internal Knowledge Brokers & Influencers, Get an objective pulse on Employee Engagement, Identify which Sales reps and customer relationships require interventions etc. in real-time.



Employee Engagement

  •  Are employees building effective relationships across the organization?
  • Are new hires integrating into the organization?
  • Which employees are getting isolated from their teams and how can we intervene?
  • Which employees are at risk of leaving the organization and how can we intervene?
  • Where are we seeing clusters of employees with high/ low eNPS scores?
  • How does employee perception of corporate culture spread within the organization?

Manager Effectiveness

  • Are managers building strong relationships with their direct reports?

  • Are managers ensuring their direct reports are integrating into their teams?

  • Which manager-employee relationships require interventions?

  • Which direct reports need help integrating into the organization?

  • Are managers frequently scheduling 1:1 time with their direct reports?

  • Are managers enabling their direct reports to build relationships across the organization?


Change Management, Innovation & Agility

  • Are employees building strong relationships within and across their teams?

  • Are there any unwanted silos and cliques forming within and between teams?

  • Who are the informal influencers within both organizations whom we can leverage as change agents to organically drive the adoption of new transformation initiatives?

  • Which employees are acting as knowledge brokers/ bridges between teams? Are they at risk of leaving?

  • Who are the potential bottlenecks to information flow within the organization?


Talent Development & Performance Management

  • What are the network behaviors of high-performing employees for different roles? 

  • What are the network behaviors of managers with high-performing and engaged direct reports? 

  • Which employees need interventions to develop their internal social networks to ensure they succeed in their roles? 

  • Who are the “hidden stars” in the organization enabling high performers to succeed in their roles?

  • Are new hires and internal transfers effectively building the relationships of the previous employee in that role?


Mergers & Acquisitions / Restructuring

  • How are acquired employees integrating into the parent company?​

  • Which employees are at high risk of attrition due to key connections leaving the company during/post-restructuring?

  • Which employees in the parent company can we use as super connectors and influencers to accelerate integration?

  • Which employees are acting as knowledge brokers/ bridges between teams in both organizations? Are they at risk of leaving?


Employee Wellness / Burnout

  • Which employees are consistently working after-hours/ weekends?
  • How much time are employees spending in meetings?
  • Are employees getting enough flow time between meetings?
  • Which employees are at risk of burnout?

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Does diverse talent have the same access/ relationship to senior colleagues/ managers as compared to other colleagues in the same job, at the same level and tenure?
  • Does diverse talent get the access/ mentoring that will develop their careers and give them senior visibility?
  • Is diverse talent actually integrating with the organization and building influence outside of homophilic associations fostered through ERGs?
  • Which employees should we leverage as influencers and change agents to drive successful adoption of DEI initiatives across the organization?

Why do our clients love Panalyt’s Relational Analytics capabilities? 

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Insights that lead to effective action

From the results of empirical studies conducted by overseas companies, it is known that a sharp decrease in communication patterns can predict a decrease in engagement and eventually attrition with a 99% probability. Panalyt detects sudden changes in the network and alerts HR and field managers at the right time. In this way, based on advanced cases, we provide an analysis format that not only allows you to see insights, but also connect insights to actions and produce desired effects.

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Relational Analytics is a more objective and real-time means of measuring engagement as compared to questionnaires/ surveys and other traditional methods

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Internal+ External Use Cases

Along with understanding how employees build networks internally, Panalyt also allows you to understand how employees in customer facing roles like sales and customer success build networks externally. We provide these insights in an easy-to-consume manner to allow managers to identify points of intervention for customer-facing reps

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Metadata-only analysis

The communication data acquired by Panalyt is metadata (only the email address and the date and time of sending and receiving), and no sensitive text data such as the content of the conversation is acquired.

Analyze communication metadata along with data from other HR and Productivity systems to promote understanding of the organization.

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Easy setup

Leave complex calculations and analysis to Panalyt. The setup on the user side is completed simply by installing the connector dedicated to data extraction. We can also work with historical file uploads if required to.

“Panalyt is the only multi-source analytics platform in our study that also offers ONA to analyze digital collaboration and communication based on passive data. ​ The company further integrates sales and business data, allowing line managers to identify and focus on areas critical to them.”

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