Goodbye Bias, Hello Data-Driven People Decisions!

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Operationalize People Analytics Delivery at Scale

Practical People Analytics solutions that go beyond just an executive board deck and empower you to build a truly data-driven HR culture.


With Panalyt’s ability to share and democratize people data while ensuring data permissions/ confidentiality/ masking requirements, stakeholders across the organization ( C-suite, HR Leaders/ Business Partners, Head of Business Units, and Line managers) can now augment their people decisions with data-driven insights.

Empowering HR to be more Proactive & Agile


Enable early detection and response to issues by allowing you to compare and analyze key people metrics from hiring to exits, viewed across time or segmented by any attribute you want.

Go live within
2-4 weeks!

Accelerate your People Analytics transformation at a fraction of the time and cost

We build and maintain your integrated People Data Warehouse and manage your technical pain points around data quality and integration, query responsiveness and optimization, data permissions and confidentiality etc.


Focus your internal People Analytics resources on strategic, high-value projects

Panalyt delivers more commonly requested people data and insights to your stakeholders in a timely, responsive, secure, and self-service manner.


Quick and Easy Customization 


We work with you to customize the metrics, charts, and dashboards in Panalyt according to your company’s issues.


No need to wait for months just to get an executive manager dashboard up and running.


Actionable Insights Across The Employee Lifecycle

Panalyt’s suite of pre-built and easily customizable dashboards and insights answers key questions from hire to exit, enabling you to discover the People challenges for your company now and around the corner.


Organizational Network Analysis

Pro-actively Identify Risks & Points of Intervention Across Your Remote Employee Experience

  • Find out signs of turnover and behavioral characteristics of top performers from your internal network metadata
  • Identify employees who are at risk of disengaging from the internal network to prevent isolation, burnout and turnover
  • Understand knowledge brokers and network hubs who have a large influence on organizational performance, engagement and turnover

Attrition Overview & Flight Risk

Identify Where & Why Turnover is High, Predict Which Employees Are At Risk Of Leaving & Why

  • Identify which employees are at risk of leaving and the driving factors to identify points of intervention to reduce turnover
  • Understand the departments / managers where turnover is concentrated and common employee attributes
  • Identify drivers who leave their jobs by attribute compared to the aging results of engagement surveys

Recruitment Funnel and Quality of Hire

Identify Bottlenecks & Inefficiencies in Your Recruitment Pipeline to Optimizing Hiring Processes for Increased Velocity & Reduced Costs

  • Is the recruitment budget allocated properly? Are we focussing on the most effective sources?
  • Know the hiring yield and the number of days required in real-time, and know the points at which candidates leave your recruitment pipeline
  • Identify the most effective hiring method by looking back on the retention and performance after joining the company




Attract & retain top talent through strategic reward design

  • Identify bases and departments that are deteriorating the labor cost ratio and labor share
  • Find out if salary level variations are triggering turnover within the same job grade or occupation
  • Estimate the additional labor cost burden due to expected salary increases

Diversity & Inclusion

Build strategic, data-driven DEI Programs to improve advancement of diverse talent

  • Know the bias in the number of employees by gender, number of employees leaving the company, and job grade
  • Know the salary gap between men and women and the bias in promotion rates
  • Prevent diverse employee turnover by identifying where and why diverse talent is leaving your organization

HR Business Impact

Identify key drivers for revenue growth From a human resources perspective

  • Learn about managers who can train highly productive employees and common characteristics and behavior patterns
  • Find out if you can maintain productive employee engagement with the right ratings and rewards
  • Understand the characteristics of bases and teams that are deteriorating labor cost productivity, and review personnel allocation

Engagement Surveys

Understand key drivers of employee engagement and business impact

  • Identify areas of interventions through employee eNPS scores viewed across departments, locations, job grades, and managers
  • Understand how employee eNPS scores affect employee performance, attrition, revenues, and customer satisfaction
  • Integrate survey results with Relational Analytics to identify influencers and hubs of organizational culture

Time and Attendance

Understand employee work hour patterns and reduce chronic overtime

  • Identify departments with chronic overtime and review staff increase / shift plans and business design
  • Sharing and deploying working styles of highly productive teams to other departments
  • Know the impact of chronic overtime on engagement and performance degradation

Break Traditional HR Data and Reporting Silos with Panalyt

Seamlessly integrate and analyze your People Data from HR, Productivity and Business systems and spreadsheets.
Minimal resources and technical experience are required at your end.

We have built automated data ETL pipelines for most popular HR tech systems via API.
We can also build custom RPA data extraction solutions or work with CSV/ Excel file uploads.


Light Plan

For those who want to quickly discover and deal with personnel issues for the entire organization, even from a small data set.

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Standard Plan

For those who want to deal with specific personnel issues such as recruitment, evaluation, attendance, and staffing

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Professional Plan

For those who want to detect and deal with organizational opportunities and risks at an early stage using communication data.

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Panalyt Connect

Available both as a stand-alone product or an add-on to the plans mentioned above

We build and maintain data pipelines to routinely ingest all your people data into
our highly scalable and secure integrated people data warehouse
built for advanced People Analytics that connects to your preferred BI tool
so your People Analytics team can focus on finding insights and solving business problems
instead of extracting, cleaning and merging datasets.

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Panalyt takes the utmost care in handling all client information. 


Make Better People Decisions
Supporting better organizational decisions

In my past 20 years of international HR leadership experience at Morgan Stanley, Apple, Uber, Alibaba, as well as numerous ultra-high growth start-ups around the world, I’ve seen one consistent pain point for both HR and business leadership: giving access to meaningful, timely and actionable people data, analytics and insights for people managers and HR business partners beyond the C-Suite.

Company leaders, HR professionals and line managers alike all need to be looking at the same data around people, and have the same, instant access to essential data, trends and insights, from all of the many tools the company uses to manage their people.

We set up Panalyt to solve this long-running problem, and empower business leaders, HR and people managers across the organization to make data-driven employees decisions without relying solely on experience and intuition by enabling access to relevant, timely people data and insights across the employee lifecycle  – Panalyt Founder & CEO Daniel J West

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