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We solve the ‘People Data’ issue

We’ve seen one consistent pain point for both HR and business leadership: giving access to meaningful, timely and actionable people data, analytics and insights for people managers and HR business partners – without the hassle of data cleansing and managing the mess of excel sheets. 

Company leaders, HR professionals and line managers alike all need to be looking at the same data around people, and have the same, instant access to essential data, trends and insights, from all of the many tools the company uses to make better people decisions.

We set up Panalyt to solve this long-running problem, and the result is empowerment to all business leaders, HR and people managers.

Our Dashboards

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Panalyt visualizes over 300 key people metrics such as historical attrition rates, hiring velocity, gender pay gap, female to male manager ratio, revenue per head etc.. Metrics can be selected or newly created according to the company’s strategy and vision. It is also possible to compare chronological changes, by employee attributes, or divisions and departments, making it very easy to test out a hypothesis.


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One stop shop for all of your people data

Equipped with over 300 key people KPIs out of the box, that you can also configure the definition to your company’s calculation method! Includes all the disclosure items required by ISO30414 and the Human Resources version of the LTO report

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Easy installation in an average of 24 days

Metrics are automatically generated simply by connecting to your HR systems or Excel files. We support data cleansing or any type of data transformation to enable correct calculation. Updated data is reflected the next day without hassle.

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Continuous support

Our customer business partner team with years of expertise in HR and data utilization will support the metric selection, data analysis, and insights identification process when needed.

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Customize metrics and dashboards according to your company’s needs

Apart from the 300+ metrics available by default, you can also set up custom metrics and calculations, or integrate data sets that are specific to your company.

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Flexible permission settings

The range of metrics, dashboards, and data that can be viewed can be restricted according to the user’s department and or position, enabling secure sharing of people data with line managers and HRBPs.

Actionable Insights Across The Employee Lifecycle

Panalyt’s suite of pre-built and easily customizable dashboards and insights answers key questions from hire to exit, enabling you to discover the People challenges for your company now and around the corner.


Organizational Network Analysis

Pro-actively Identify Risks & Points of Intervention Across Your Remote Employee Experience


Attrition Overview &
Flight Risk

Identify Where & Why Turnover is High, Predict Which Employees Are At Risk Of Leaving & Why


Recruitment Funnel and Quality of Hire

Identify Bottlenecks & Inefficiencies in Your Recruitment Pipeline to Optimizing Hiring Processes for Increased Velocity & Reduced Costs



Attract & retain top talent through strategic reward design


Diversity & Inclusion

Build strategic, data-driven DEI Programs to improve advancement of diverse talent


HR Business Impact

Identify key drivers for revenue growth From a human resources perspective


Engagement Surveys

Understand key drivers of employee engagement and business impact


Time and Attendance

Understand employee work hour patterns and reduce chronic overtime

Application Security
Single-Sign On SSO
2-step Verification 2FA
Row-Level Security
Internal Process

Data Security

Panalyt takes the utmost care in handling all client information. 


Make Better People Decisions
Supporting better organizational decisions

If data can inform business leaders and HR on what’s happening in their organization, and let them engage in discussions and decision-making that’s backed by science instead of simply gut-feel and anecdotes, the organization and work environment will improve significantly. Our mission is to ensure that everyone involved with talent (= people) can access the necessary data whenever needed to make more quality decisions, so that the workplace can be more effective, fair, engaging, and successful.

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