Panalyt Introduction Materials

What does Panalyt do?

Panalyt integrates and analyzes people data scattered across disparate HR, Productivity, Finance and Digital Communications systems, and files, to provide actionable and holistic people insights to the C-suite, HR /HRBPs and Line Managers through our suite of pre-built dashboards covering the end-to-end employee lifecycle.

In addition, we also allow PA/ HR BI  teams to directly access our integrated people data warehouse to drastically reduce the time and effort required for strategic, ad-hoc internal PA projects. We are usually able to implement and start displaying insights within 2-4 weeks of kick-off.

Our clients include a wide range of global enterprises such as Panasonic, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Finastra, Mercari, aCommerce and HappyFresh.

How Does Panalyt Complement Your Existing People Analytics Team?

Most of our clients have existing in-house People Analytics teams – Panalyt complements their work by: 

1. Democratizing access to most commonly requested people insights to stakeholders down to the individual HRBP and line manager level ( instead of just senior management and HR leadership)

2. Freeing up the People Analytics team’s time to work on more complex and value-generating analytical projects instead of functioning just as a reporting hub – we provide an integrated data warehouse optimized for People Analytics ( and handle the entire data ETL and cleansing process) which the PA  team can leverage to bypass the long hours it takes just to prepare and clean people data before starting analysis

3. Providing a few advanced analytics tools to add to the clients People Analytics team’s analytical toolkit such as Predictive Attrition Risk modeling ( identifying employees at risk of leaving along with the top drivers)Organizational Network Analysis and Recruitment Outcomes / Quality of Hire Analysis, to name a few

Introductory documents and links:

  1. Panalyt Introduction Deck
  2. Panalyt Core Product Detailed Walkthrough
  3. Video: Panalyt Core Features Walkthrough
  4. Video: Panalyt Relational Analytics Overview
  5. Panasonic Case Study: Panasonic Identifies Key Recruitment Factors Affecting First-Year Engagement, Performance, and Retention
  6. 3-min customer video testimonial links to more case studies
  7. Panalyt Product Videos playlist
  8. Video: People Balance Sheet – Share all ISO 30414 HR metrics + customized internal HR and Financial metrics to Line Managers and HRBPs in a dynamic balance- sheet format, with built-in internal benchmarks and over-time comparisons
  9. Panalyt Relational Analytics Overview – drive Remote Employee Productivity, Innovation and Wellness through actionable employee insights across your integrated people, productivity and digital collaboration data.  
    Please refer to this article for more detailed Relational Analytics use cases related to proactively identifying risks and points of intervention in your remote Employee Experience- Key Questions answered with Relational Analytics for WFH Effectiveness 
  10. Predicting Attrition Risk and Understanding Drivers –  a webinar on using Relational Analytics/ ONA and Attrition Risk modeling to understand & improve the Employee Value Proposition.
  11. Practical Business Applications of Relational Analytics – a guide covering various practical and high value use cases for applying Relational Analytics in your organization.
  12. Breaking Biases with People Analytics and Relational Analytics (ONA) – A joint webinar by Panalyt and Wrkflow to drive awareness of how you can utilize data collected across your different HR, productivity and digital collaborations to proactively identify points of intervention to increase the success of your diversity initiatives through strategic, personalized interventions as compared to blanket approaches towards building a diverse and inclusive culture.
  13. People Analytics: Building a Strategic People Analytics Function – a webinar in which we covered how you can maximize the effectiveness of your People Analytics efforts by combining an internal consulting-led PUSH approach to deliver insights for strategic projects, along with a technology-led PULL approach to deliver more commonly requested insights to CXOs, HR and Business Managers.
  14. Accelerating Advancement of Diverse Talent with People Analytics & Organizational Network Analysis – DEIB initiatives unfortunately focus more on headcount numbers, rather than understanding why diverse talent doesn’t progress up the organization. Organizations also lack an objective way to measure inclusion. We co-wrote a guide with the ex-Head of D&I for McKinsey APAC on applying People Analytics and ONA to address Diversity & Inclusion in a holistic manner. The related webinar also includes product demonstrations for analyzing career paths ( 32:40) and performance distribution curves (25:45)
  15. Strategic EX Design with People Analytics – a detailed guide for making EX Design more meaningful and intentional by leveraging People Analytics and Relational Analytics/ Organizational Network Analysis to go beyond traditional engagement survey measures of EX, and start to focus on leading rather than lagging measures of EX
  16. Daniel’s podcast episode with David Green – How to Democratise People Analytics to Drive Agile Decision Making
  17. Daniel’s podcast episode with William Tincup, which covers how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing Panalyt –
  18. Panalyt was recently recognized by Gartner as Cool Vendor in HCM : Innovative Technology Solutions to Support the Future of Work –
  19. The Drill Down –  we often highlight interesting and impactful use cases for People Analytics and Relational Analytics on our blog